Having an eye for style is literally like having a pair of lenses. A pair of lenses we wear ever since childhood, constantly trying to improve its focus and scope while simultaneously using it to express ourselves. The kind of lenses that allows you to see and enjoy what others can’t see. The lenses that give you the opportunity and privilege to perceive and take pleasure from things such as material, harmony, color, duality, contrast and texture.

It also allows you to take pleasure from life itself. All the nuances and pleasures held within events, songs, gestures, dances, speech and poetry… You see what others cannot, and silently enjoy it.

This is a process that goes hand in hand with art. It’s almost like writing a poem with your eyes. Most people sense, but cannot define it. The more defined, the more pleasing things become. You start discovering new meanings within daily life. You play with them.

You pick up a piece of rock from the beach and place it in the middle of your dinner table. You define how it will be viewed. The gesture becomes an invitation to look at objects in a new way. You take a close-up photograph of the cracked skin on your loved ones elbow. You hang it up on your bedroom wall. No-one knows what it is. Only you.

My relationship with physical spaces are formed with this approach. I hope the details below will illustrate this more clearly. I also hope to look at your space with the same lens.

Emrah Yucel